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I can’t believe how fast and how deeply I’ve fallen in love with him. It’s like he’s the only other person that exists in my universe. He’s beyond perfect for me. He’s the sweetest guy I have ever met. Just listening to him sleep puts the biggest smile on my face. It scares me that I fell in love this fast. I don’t do this normally. But he’s so intoxicating. Addicting even. I’d do anything to put a smile on his face and make sure it stays there. Someone this amazing should never be upset. His voice is the most soothing thing I have ever heard. Like the voice of an angel. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. Is that crazy? For me to be having these thoughts so soon in our relationship? I don’t think I care if it’s crazy or not. All I care about is him. He’s my everything. Anything and everything I could have ever asked for in a guy and SO much more. I just wish I could make my parents and family understand. I wish they could see just how amazing he is. 

Peaceful sleep

I love being on the phone with him. Even when he falls asleep. Just listening to him breathing and sleeping peacefully. He sounds so adorable. But then he stops l breathing. Or gasps like he can’t breathe and it freaks me out. I get so scared and try to wake him up until he starts to breathe heavily and peacefully again. In my eyes he’s beyond perfect. I get my best sleeps when he’s on the phone. The comfort of having him there on the other line is almost as good as of he were here with me. I love him. And miss him so much. I hope he comes home soon. My baby. My marine ❤️

Beyond in love

I am beyond in love with this guy. His smile lights up my world. His laughter is the sweetest sound in the world. When I’m around him, nothing else matters. Nothing else exists. I can see a future with him and it’s so happy. I wish my parents understood. Maybe then they would approve. I love him so much. ❤️😍

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